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Milk Oolong
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Capital Teas
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Milky, Oolongy, Full Bodied, Smooth
Loose / Teabags

Our Review: Milk Oolong from Capital Teas

Milk Oolong is unlike any other tea. From the moment you first smell it, you can tell that it's going to be a different tea drinking experience. The rich, milky flavor combined with the delicious smoothness of oolong is unlike anything else, and despite the price, keeps bringing us back to this delicious tea.

On top of the flavor, it has a nice, medium level of caffeine, great for an afternoon pick-me-up without ruining your sleep later. And since the oolong leaves pack so much flavor, you can easily infuse this tea multiple times over a day or two, so even though it may seem like you're paying a lot per serving, you're really getting 3-5x as much tea as you think you are.

This Milk Oolong from Capital Teas is sure to delight any guest, and give you a cozy, afternoon drink to enjoy for years.

Original Product Description

Infused with a creamy texture and highlighted with floral hints, this unique Milk Oolong is a relaxing, healthy, and exquisite beverage to enjoy any time of day or night. A uniquely created tea, it offers a special treat for tea drinkers. 

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